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  • Book your dream stages…
  • Land larger, higher paid speaking opportunities…
  • Be THE person people think of when they think of…
  • Have scouts clamoring to book you at their events…
  • Secure media segments around your expertise…
  • Build your legacy…

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Launch, Grow and Elevate your Speaker Brand,
in just 60 Days

LIVE 2:1 Strategy Sessions

6 hours of intense personalized coaching from two industry experts. Whether you’re just starting your speaker brand or looking to optimize what you’re already doing, our goal is to create maximum visibility, impact and influence, start to finish.

Speaker Brand Assets

Together, we craft your clear, impactful messaging, then build ALL the tangible assets you need to launch and continue scaling your speaker brand, including our signature custom Speaker Reel and Speaker Kit, pitches, press release, podcast and speaker opportunities, and checklists.

PR and Pitching Included

Getting in front of the right audience with the right message on the right platforms is what ultimately makes or breaks your brand. To ensure your message is working and to build your momentum, we use all of your new assets to actively PITCH you and SECURE opportunities throughout your Experience.


We've spent years rescuing speakers

who have hired the coaches; taken the workshops; and always ended up in the same place: exhausted, frustrated and still not where they deserve to be. We had enough. And created something better. Oh, and we know how valuable your time is, which is why we only need you for the first 3 days. Then we take it and run while you get back to business

You won't find a more comprehensive speaker program on the market.

Sheriffs in town with heels
  • We don’t create messaging for you to test on your own after the fact. We are actively pitching you DURING your experience to ensure that it’s working, polishing as we go. (Yep, PR is included in your STAR Experience!)
  • We don’t leave you holding the bag at the end. In just 60 days, you not only have every single asset you need, but you have the momentum and the toolbox to continue taking your speaker brand to the next level.
  • We created this experience to get you the results you want quickly and efficiently. We deliver the most comprehensive speaker experience you’ll find…In just 60 days. And that’s with only 6 hours of your time.
  • We take care of your Speaker Reel AND your Speaker Landing Page (cheers to your Speaker Concierge!)
  • Where most programs only address one side of the coin- leaving you to fill in the gaps- with the STAR experience, you’re getting TWO experts to address BOTH sides of the coin all in one place, at the same time.
  • We teach you, every step of the way. You’re never left guessing. Ever. When we say ‘we got you,’ we actually mean it.

What Folks Are Saying About Their Results

Meet Your Speaker Brand Builders

Erin Thomas

Erin Thomas is an acclaimed professional writer, sought-after storyteller and creative messaging consultant who has seen time and time again the incredible power of compelling language. For the last 20 years, she has worked with entrepreneurs, business leaders and speakers from around the world to elevate their ventures using bold, scroll-stopping messaging that FEELS in perfect alignment with who they are, what they’re doing and WHY. Often referring to herself as a Professional Leaper, Erin has made it her mission in life to take big leaps and has a gift for helping others do the same- in their businesses, in their lives and in their stories. “Whatever it is that scares you, that intrigues you, that calls to you…Take the leap, always. And build your wings on the way down.” A Charleston, SC, native, Erin is a bestselling children’s book author (Anything But Ordinary) and is currently living her dream expat lifestyle in Europe, with her husband, daughter, a Boston Terrier, a French Bulldog and two cats who think they own the place. (They’re probably right.)

Whitney McDuff

Whitney McDuff is a speaker brand strategist and content specialist, PR navigator, published author, blogger, and poet. She helps entrepreneurs, influencers, thought leaders, and authority experts build their public speaking brands. Passionate about extracting what makes each of her clients extraordinary, Whitney works with leaders around the globe to build their speaker and company brands for measurable impact. An avid lover of language, Whitney knows the strongest content tells a compelling story that moves people to lead remarkable lives. Her mix of cheer-leading and ass-kicking for clients gets them clear on messaging and connected to the people they need to get results. Whitney is the author of the #1 selling children’s nursery rhyme The Lollie Tree and reoccurring contributor to City Moms Blog. She was the first woman contributor selected for the men’s lifestyle blog Charleston Joe, and was a cast member of Listen to Your Mother.

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