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Right Message + Right Strategy + Right Stage = Your STAR Speaker Experience

"3 Days to Stage"

Yep, that's all of your time that we need and we take care of the rest!

You're doing awesome things in your business. You're downright crushing it these days. But deep down, you know there's...MORE.

You know that you have the potential to have more impact, to bring more value, and to influence more people while generating more revenue.

The key to growing your brand?
Getting in front of the right audience, with the right message, and connecting with them. Consistently.

As a Speaker, You're Looking to...

Launch, Grow and Elevate your Speaker Brand.
in just 30 Days.

LIVE 2:1 Strategy Sessions

Three half days of intense personalized coaching from two industry experts. Whether you're just starting your speaker brand or looking to optimize what you're already doing, our goal is to create maximum visibility, impact and influence, start to finish.

Speaker Brand Assets

Together, we build ALL the tangible assets you need to launch and continue scaling your speaker brand, including our signature custom Speaker Reel and Speaker Kit, pitches, press release, podcast and speaker opportunities, and checklists.

Visibility Opportunities

Getting in front of the right audience with the right message on the right platforms is what ultimately makes or breaks a brand. And if you're leaving your messaging to chance, you're also leaving money on the table. Together, we will create the impactful language of your story.

We've spent years rescuing speakers who have hired the coaches; taken the workshops; and always ended up in the same place: exhausted, frustrated and still not where they deserve to be.

We had enough. And created something better.

Oh, and we know how valuable your time is, which is why we only need you for the first 3 days. Then we take it and run while you get back to business.

There are new sheriffs in town...
And we wear heels.

What We’re Hearing from Amazing, Successful Speakers and Leaders just like YOU

“I’ve got so much to say- all so valuable- but I’m not sure how to put it all together…”

“I know the world needs to hear what I’m talking about, but I’m just not clear enough in my delivery…”

“I’m meant to be on a stage…To share my story…My message needs to be heard by the masses…”

“I’m ready to take my successful business to the next level through public speaking…”

“I’ve got all the pieces- I just need to know how to find the opportunities for maximum impact…”

We've Got You Covered. (Seriously, we got you.)

You asked. We listened.

We have been working together for a long time, helping clients bring life, impact and visibility to their speaker brands. Whit is a PR phenom and public speaker’s secret weapon. Erin is all about that crystal clear branding and scroll-stopping messaging. Put us together and you’ve got yourself one helluva Dream Team with one stellar track record for results.

We’ve officially partnered to create something that’s going to knock your socks off when it comes to getting the visibility, impact and revenue you’ve been looking for with your brand…

Meet Your Speaker Brand Builders

Erin Thomas is an acclaimed professional writer, sought-after storyteller and creative messaging consultant who has seen time and time again the incredible power of compelling language. For the last 20 years, she has worked with entrepreneurs, business leaders and speakers from around the world to elevate their ventures using bold, scroll-stopping messaging that FEELS in perfect alignment with who they are, what they’re doing and WHY.

Often referring to herself as a Professional Leaper, Erin has made it her mission in life to take big leaps and has a gift for helping others do the same- in their businesses, in their lives and in their stories.

“Whatever it is that scares you, that intrigues you, that calls to you…Take the leap, always. And build your wings on the way down.”

A Charleston, SC, native, Erin is a bestselling children’s book author (Anything But Ordinary) and is currently living her dream expat lifestyle in Europe, with her husband, daughter, a Boston Terrier, a French Bulldog and two cats who think they own the place. (They’re probably right.)

Whitney McDuff is a speaker brand strategist and content specialist, PR navigator, published author, blogger, and poet. She helps entrepreneurs, influencers, thought leaders, and authority experts build their public speaking brands. 

Passionate about extracting what makes each of her clients extraordinary, Whitney works with leaders around the globe to build their speaker and company brands for measurable impact. 

An avid lover of language, Whitney knows the strongest content tells a compelling story that moves people to lead remarkable lives.  Her mix of cheer-leading and ass-kicking for clients gets them clear on messaging and connected to the people they need to get results.

Whitney is the author of the #1 selling children’s nursery rhyme The Lollie Tree and reoccurring contributor to City Moms Blog.  She was the first woman contributor selected for the men’s lifestyle blog Charleston Joe,  and was a cast member of Listen to Your Mother.

What Folks Are Saying About Their Results

"Working with them helped me to become more clear about my messaging, and I now have so much more confidence about my business. I now feel more clear about my purpose, and how my value can change the world. They gave me the boost I needed to take my business to the next level. I'm so grateful we connected!"
Nia Lewis, CEO
The Solopreneur Hustle
"Erin was an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped give a powerful voice to a project that our team is extremely passionate about. Erin listened, empathized, and understood what we were trying to do, then crafted a powerful message that perfectly captured the essence of our project. We can't thank her enough!"
Matt DeSantis, Founder
Think Tank Project
"Whitney McDuff is a powerful, joyful advocate for her clients. Not only is her knowledge of publicity and PR broad and deep, she cares and is genuinely invested in the success of everyone she works with. If you want a strong, savvy and dedicated force of nature shepherding your public speaking career, this is hands down, your best choice."
LB Adams, Award-Winning TEDx Speaker
Practical Dramatics
"Whitney and Erin are a dynamic duo! Whitney has an incredible ability to get to the heart of the matter. Erin seamlessly and magically crafts the words that evoke the emotions, passion, and purpose of my essence. This process was truly transformative. Whitney and Erin's unparalleled skills combined helped me to develop my brand. They truly understand the emotions that come when you're ready to follow your passion and the vulnerability that comes from stepping into the light. They offer unwavering, support, and understanding while simultaneously holding you accountable and guiding you to your goals. They are phenomenal- their spot on insight, wealth of knowledge, and know-how are top notch!"
Jill Hollander, Speaker & Advocate
Jill Hollander, LLC
"If you want to grow your business and brand through being more visible, there is no better duo to have on your team!"
Lisa Burbage
Speaker, CEO of Wellness Five
"Instrumental in facilitating an increase in my paid speaking engagements and reaching bigger groups across a broader geographical area. A joy to work with, whip smart and super fun, too!"
Dr. Carrie Johannson
Speaker, Author, Psychologist

This is fantastic. What happens at the end of the Experience?

Our goal is for you to slide into home plate having absolutely everything you need to continue growing your speaker brand after our time together. 

We’ve all worked with coaches who promise the world, only to deliver the equivalent of a very small rural county in Idaho. Where you reach the finish line still having questions, still unsure of next steps. Usually it’s because those ‘gaps’ have been left intentionally, strategically- so that you have to invest more money in working with them if you want to see the full picture. Say it with us: YUCK.

The decisions at the end of your Experiences will not be made from a place of desperation or frustration, but rather your answers to questions like: 

  • Do I WANT to go it alone? 
  • Do I have the bandwidth, time and energy to continue building this momentum? 
  • How quickly to do I want to see BIG results?

We can support you in any number of ways after your STAR Experience, though most of our clients choose to enter our Monthly STAR Encore. Twice each month, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with us and fellow speakers LIVE- once for us to teach and the other so we can dive into any and everything you’ve got going on in your speaker brand in real time: social media, keynotes, scripts, strategy, podcasting, pitching…PLUS, you’ll get daily email support M-F, access to weekly speaking opportunities and access to our exclusive, ever-growing Resource Hub. 

But let’s not put the cart before the horse. All you need to know right now is what we’ve been saying all along and that’s this: WE’VE GOT YOU. Start to finish and beyond, you won’t find a more committed, compassionate, capable duo than Whit and Erin to have in your corner cheering you on.

Let's Connect

The S.T.A.R. Speaker Experience will change your speaker brand, your business and your life. It’s a no-brainer. 

Let’s build the tools and visibility you need to get to the next level.

Ready to grow your speaker brand in just one hour a week? Then you need our cheat sheet!

The Top 10 Things You Can do TODAY to Launch Your Speaker Brand’ PLUS the ‘5 Biggest Misconceptions About Public Speaking.’